Why NoVa PayPros?
Transparency, No Long-term Contact, Committed Support


Transparency is the key factor that differentiates me from my competitors. Credit Card processing is a complex business. When I first meet with potential clients their first question frequently is “what is your rate”? This sounds straightforward but due to the numerous variations in rates for different card types, the various fees (statement, transaction, PCI compliance, etc) your actual effective rate is frequently much different that what you are quoted.

I will conduct a complete analysis of your statements to determine your effective rate. I will then walk you through the analysis and teach you how to understand your true costs. As a result whether you decide to do business with me or not, you will be better armed to ask the right questions of the next salesperson that quotes you a rate that seems too good to be true.

My proposal will clearly spell out the costs that I cannot control (Visa, MasterCard charges) and those that I can - my profit. You will literally understand how much I make from your business. After the first month of processing with NoVA PayPros we will conduct an initial analysis of your first statement to ensure I delivered the effective rate, and savings, you expected.

Transparency. It is why I have a loyal customer base that has been with me for many years.

Here is the most recent public Visa Interchange Rates: https://usa.visa.com/dam/VCOM/global/support-legal/documents/visa-usa-interchange-reimbursement-fees.pdf

or you can look here to get the latest Visa Reimbursment Fees information: https://usa.visa.com/support/small-business/regulations-fees.html

Here is the Master Card Interchange Rates: https://www.mastercard.us/en-us/about-mastercard/what-we-do/interchange.html

If, for some reason, those links do not work, please copy and paste them in a new window or visit general USA.Visa.com and MasterCard websites to learn more about their credit card processing regulations and requirements.

No Long-term Conract

Most payment processors require a 2-3 year contract with cancellation fees as high as $500. Even if you have surprise rate increases during the contract period or are unhappy with their service you are usually stuck with either paying a cancellation fee or staying with the provider until the contract expires

Committed Support

When things do go wrong or you just have a question PayPros customer care team is there for you 24 x 7 x 365 days a year. We have a team of professionals standing by whether you are having an issue with your terminal or have a question about your statement.

Have you ever had the experience of a company’s sales rep disappearing after the contract is signed? Or are they never available after hours when you really need them? You will have a different experience with NoVA PayPros. My clients know that I am always available when they need my help, even after hours. While the customer care team quickly resolves most issues, I occasionally conference my clients in with the customer care team to help work through more complex situations. I leverage my years of experience to ensure everyone is clear about the issue and that it is fully resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

I don’t sign you up and walk away. I am always there for you


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